Parramatta Catholic Foundation proudly supports CatholicCare Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains, which is the official social services charity of the Diocese of Parramatta. CatholicCare provides disability services, including job training, it also offers migrant and refugee services including childcare programs for parents learning English and computer studies.

sr janet woods

“There is great jubilation when they get their (English) certificate because they’ve never had anything like that in their life. Actually, they are happy when they can write their own name.”

Sr Janet Woods, English and Computer Studies Educator at CatholicCare

CatholicCare also provides family counselling, problem gambling counselling and supports young single mothers facing homelessness.

Luise Masters

“We’ve had girls living in tents, down in the bush close to here,  so to be able to assist those girls, we sometime say it’s really nice to be able to hold them just for a little while, till they settle, till they grow up a little.”

Louise Masters, Manager at CatholicCare Houses to Homes