Be the face of Christ to our First Nations people



When the burden is heavy, you can help lighten the load


Fr Fernando and Aunty Rhonda
Fr Fernando and Aunty Rhonda

Many families are feeling the pinch of rising economic pressures more than ever before. And for people in our community experiencing homelessness, a lack of access to social services, limited opportunities for personal development, and social exclusion, these times can be overwhelmingly difficult.

Aboriginal Catholic Care embraces everyone’s journey with love. Lead by Aboriginal Elders, we care for the needs of our First Nations brothers and sisters, and anyone requiring help, so no one has to face these tough times alone.

We invite you to walk with us in Jesus’ footsteps, alongside people whose lives you can help change for the better.

Your kind gift will link people in need to vital services, develop their literacy and learning, and nurture their wellbeing. Your compassionate generosity and prayers will support a welcoming place where First Nations people can express their identity, share their culture and knowledge within our community, access practical support and development opportunities, and make social connections.

Thank you for being a Good Samaritan.

No one need journey alone. Together we make progress!

Very Rev Luis Fernando Montano Rodriguez
Episcopal Vicar for Social Welfare

“It’s a family, giving of each other. It’s like home.”

With a limited and disrupted education, 71-year-old Bundjalung Elder Aunty Rhonda learnt to read and write as an adult, and is improving her skills through Aboriginal Catholic Care’s weekly literacy classes. Her confidence and independence has also flourished with support from the centre’s yarning circles, community pantry, and counselling services.

“It gives you this beautiful feeling,” says Aunty Rhonda. “And I’ve had that since I’ve been a part of it. I just belong.”

This life-changing experience has inspired Aunty Rhonda to share her blessings with others, as a Catholic Care volunteer, welcoming the community, creating connections and kinship, and leading Aboriginal art and craft classes.

“I think God gives me plenty and I know I’ve got enough to share. It’s a great gift that’s nourished me and my family, and I know God would want me to nourish other people too.”

Volunteers Aunty Rhonda and Neroli
Volunteers Aunty Rhonda and Neroli


Please support Aboriginal Catholic Care with a gift
to the Bishop’s Good Samaritan Appeal

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Please support Aboriginal Catholic Care with a gift
to the Bishop’s Good Samaritan Appeal

Community care lead by Aboriginal Elders
Community care lead by Aboriginal Elders

Thank you for being the face of Christ for our First Nations people in need.

Your kind donation helps Aboriginal Catholic Care provide life-changing support to our brothers and sisters experiencing hardship.

Because of your compassion, Aboriginal people like Aunty Rhonda, and anyone needing assistance, can access help during critical times in their life, to develop their independence and flourish.

Thank you for sharing your blessings and joining us on the journey as we walk alongside our First Nations sisters and brothers. Please keep them in your heart and prayers.

Very Rev Luis Fernando Montano Rodriguez
Episcopal Vicar for Social Welfare