Sacred Heart parishioners sign up for fun run to support seminarians.

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 Sacred Heart parishioners sign up for fun run to support seminarians. – Catholic Outlook

Michael Buttigieg , Charlene Sammut , Gabrielle Sammut , Justin Buttigieg , Harry Gauci , and Donna Gauci will also join Holy Spirit Seminarian Menard Gaspi in getting #Active4Vocations.

Sacred Heart parishioners sign up for fun run to support seminarians.

Sunday morning will look a little different this weekend for Colleen Nicholas.

Instead of attending her regular Sunday Mass at The Sacred Heart Parish Luddenham-Warragamba, Colleen will pull on her walking shoes and head to the city for her first City2Surf —the world’s largest fun run.

The mother-of-three will join nine of her fellow parishioners walking 14km to raise awareness for Catholic vocations and funds for our Holy Spirit Seminarians on their journey to become priests.

Anthony Sciberras, Colleen Nicholas, and Karen Rogan are getting #Active4Vocations to raise awareness of Catholic Vocations and funds to support our Holy Spirit Seminarians.

A parishioner at Sacred Heart for 25 years and Parish Secretary for 18 of those, Colleen decided to take part in the iconic event when approached by Menard Gaspi, the seminarian on placement at her parish.

“Since Menard’s been with us, he’s started a youth Mass and two choirs,” she said. “He’s really good at getting people involved in nurturing faith and community.”

“I see how dedicated our Diocese’s young seminarians are, and it’s good for people to know the kind of work they are doing and will continue to do.”

Despite not liking crowds, Colleen is looking forward to the City2Surf atmosphere and showing her support for the Holy Spirit Seminarians as part of the Parramatta Catholic Foundation’s #Active4Vocations team.

The team includes Colleen and Menard. along with Sacred Heart parishioners Donna Gauci, Harry Gauci, Justin Buttigieg, Michael Buttigieg, Karen Rogan, Anthony Sciberras, and Charlene and Gabrielle Sammut.

They will be joined by Fr Paul Marshall, the Holy Spirit Seminary Rector, and seminarians Macky Amores, Jason Irawan, and Jose Valentine Lim.

Parishioners from a number of other parishes are also taking part.


To join the Parramatta Catholic Foundation’s #Active4Vocations team or to spur on Colleen, the Sacred Heart parishioners, and our seminarians with a donation, please visit here.

Your support will raise awareness and funds for vocations in the Diocese of Parramatta, and your donation will directly support the Holy Spirit Seminarians dedicating their lives to becoming priests for God’s people.

You can learn more about Vocations in the Diocese of Parramatta here, Priestly Vocations here, or contact Fr Christopher del Rosario on