When Christiane started losing her hearing at 14, she felt scared, confused, vulnerable and alone. 

“Losing my hearing was earth-shattering. I experienced so many struggles and challenges growing up. I kept asking, why is this happening? I remember just wanting to disappear.” 

Thanks to the support, friendship and hope she found through the Ephpheta Centre for deaf and hard of hearing people, Christiane has a place where she belongs and was inspired to be a social worker.  

“I wanted to make change. I wanted to support others the way I was supported.  Waking up every day and being excited to come to work, that’s what keeps me alive. I love working and supporting our deaf community.”

Bring hope and share Christ’s message with all

Please watch the Bishop’s Appeal video to learn
how you can bring hope to the deaf and hard of hearing.


Bring hope and share Christ’s message with all

The Ephpheta Centre – one of the ministries jointly funded by the Parramatta Catholic Foundation – gives hope, compassion, connectivity and care to the deaf and hard of hearing. 

Your gift will bridge barriers to communication, giving people who are vulnerable and isolated, a sense of belonging, independence, and a more inclusive spiritual life.  


$25 Can provide fellowship and social support over a cuppa.
$50 Can fill our Chaplains’ petrol tank enabling more outreach visits to the secluded, sick, elderly, incapacitated or dying.
$75 Can provide counselling, advocacy or education support.
$100 Can provide spiritual and emotional care for those coping with challenging times, grief and loss.
$200 Can provide fellowship through accessible special interest groups.
$250 Can train Priests and Seminarians to use sign language or enable Auslan translation of religious formation and sacramental programs.
$500 Can support a mental health care or technology solutions workshop.
$1,000 Can ensure deaf youth can participate inclusivelyin social recreational activities including camps, surfing lessons, film and games nights.
$2,500 Can provide deaf people unable to afford technology with accessible fire alarms or iPads for the isolated.
$5,000 Can provide chaplaincy and pastoral care in homes, hospitals, prison and aged-care facilities to everyone who needs it.

Thank you for bringing hope to the deaf and hard of hearing, the vulnerable and isolated.



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You can bring hope to people who are deaf or hard of hearing

Whenever we doubt our ability to help those in need, we remember the Gospel according to St Matthew: “And the King will answer, ‘I tell you solemnly, in so far as you did this to one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it to me.’”

Your gift will provide pastoral, sacramental and social support, enabling the deaf and hard of hearing, the vulnerable and isolated, to make meaningful connections and participate fully in their community, their faith and Catholic Church life. Thank you for your kind-hearted generosity.

Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv
Bishop of Parramatta