Homeless young mothers without hope in our Diocese desperately need our help this Christmas

CatholicCare’s Houses to Homes is one of the vital services supported by our Diocese through Parramatta Catholic Foundation.

Houses to Homes gives hope, help, compassion, care and shelter to disadvantaged, homeless young mums who have nowhere and nobody else to turn to. Every year, 30 to 50 mothers and mothers-to-be, rely on Houses to Homes for safe shelter, food and the skills to build a better life.

This Christmas, we’re counting on your faith, hope and charity to support homeless mothers and children in crisis. Your compassionate gifts and prayers will support the shelter, independent living and parenting skills programs that homeless mums desperately need.

Abused young woman looking at the camera. Help me!

Please show the compassionate face of Christ to the most vulnerable women and children in our community

  • $25 can provide nappies or baby formula for a young mum and baby;
  • $50 can provide financial counselling or a session on parenting and living skills, education and employment support;
  • $75 can provide psychological counselling for a mother in turmoil;
  • $100 can provide essential groceries for mothers on the poverty line;
  • $200 can provide a homeless young mum with a mattress, cot sheets, and blanket;
  • $250 can give mums a newborn hamper with basic baby essentials including bibs, nappies, dummies, bottles steriliser, mini microwave steriliser, muslin wrap, baby shampoo, and thermometer;
  • $500 can provide two homeless young mums with a baby bassinet/cot;
  • $600 can provide three homeless young mums with a mattress, cot sheets, and a blanket;
  • $1,000 can provide four homeless young mums with a maternity kit including sleep wear, underwear, sanitary pads, and baby clothing;
  • $2,000 can provide a month’s shelter for new mothers and babies fleeing domestic violence.

Thank you for sharing God’s unconditional love this Christmas.

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Thank you for your compassionate generosity.

Your faith gives vulnerable young women the confidence to seek help and search for a better future.

Your hope gives marginalised girls the determination to do their very best for their precious newborn babies and enables them to embark on a new journey together.

Your charity provides the independent living and practical parenting programs, and support services they rely on from Houses to Homes.


“Once they’ve gotten past the turmoil, and their immediate needs are looked after, they gather themselves, find their strength, and realise that they are capable of good things.”

Louise, Manager of CatholicCare’s Houses to Homes service.